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Surprise Art Kicks Off Annual Community Campaign!

The 2010 Annual Community Campaign for the arts launched today with something new: surprises—music, painting, dancing, and storytelling—that happened all across our region.

Late last year, the Fine Arts Fund quietly invited artists to join in the fun.

Artists Pam Kravetz, Carla Lamb, and Karen Saunders organized young people from Harrison, Cincinnati, and West Chester to turn buses into mobile galleries. Inspired by the Newport Aquarium and Krohn Conservatory, they created the art in secret at the bus terminals on each side of the river. Passengers who boarded certain buses on TANK and Metro routes today shared a magical experience of color, imagination, and creativity.

On other routes during the day, members of Pones Inc., took over buses with their form of guerilla art: storytelling, movement, and song.

Meanwhile, dancers from Anaya Gypsy Dance filled the public space at the Fountain Place Macy’s with tribal belly dancing throughout the lunch hour. And people in Carew Tower’s Arcade were surprised by Liz Vosmeier accompanied by Music Director Alan Patrick Kenny singing "I'd Rather Watch You", from Adding Machine: A Musical -- the current hit show at Know Theatre.

The annual community campaign—when people all across the region contribute to support the arts—runs for ten weeks starting today and wrapping up on April 29, 2010. Last year the community invested 11 million dollars from 38,500 contributors to the campaign. Through contributions made to the annual community campaign, the Fine Arts Fund supports nearly 100 large and small arts organizations.

“Greater Cincinnati is incredibly fortunate to have so many supporters of the creative things happening in large and small ways throughout our region. The arts connect people and make our neighborhoods vibrant, benefiting us all. Our hope is that the community will contribute at the same level as last year, despite an economy that remains very challenging for many. We should all be proud of what we've created here and make sure we keep the arts all around us!” said Julie Janson, President, Duke Energy Ohio and Kentucky and Fine Arts Fund Campaign Chair.

Campaign leaders are excited about seeking new supporters for the arts. “As broad as the support is now, we know that many more people are involved in the arts and will make a donation if we ask. This year, all of those new donations will be matched by a generous grant from the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./US Bank Foundation. Every dollar from a new contributor will mean 2 dollars to benefit our community through the arts, " said Mary McCullough-Hudson, President of the Fine Arts Fund.

Arts and community organizations will host many other events this week. The 24th annual Fine Arts Fund Sampler Weekend, sponsored by Macy’s, will be on February 20 & 21. And for the second year, the Friends For the Arts are hosting a party: ArtAlive, on Saturday, February 20 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Contemporary Arts Center.

For more information about the Fine Arts Fund, Sampler Weekend, and the campaign, please click here or call 513.871.2787.

Note – We will post video and photos on our site shortly.