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One City Flags

How do you define extraordinary?

When we say “extraordinary” at ArtsWave, we aren’t necessarily talking about the quality of the art itself (we know that it’s amazing!). Instead, we mean “out of the ordinary” – something that truly distinguishes Cincinnati from other places and draws national attention to the region.

This summer, once again, LumenoCity provided a great example of something not-likely-to-find-anywhere-else; in short, an extraordinary experience for a crowd of 40,000 people in Washington Park over three nights. The Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra, the Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Opera – among other artists -- once again came together to delight the audience with their performances and the choreographed light show that accompanied them. Live streaming sites at Fountain  Square and Riverbend expanded access to this year's event, and the live web stream brought viewers in from as far away as Russia, France, Spain, and Germany. LumenoCity is a vivid example of what we think of as Cincinnati’s defining characteristics: creative, innovative, and collaborative.

ArtsWave took part in this year’s added expansion, the LumenoCity Village, which featured local vendors, arts and crafts, and street performers. At our initiative, One City Flags invited people of all ages to help paint beautiful silk flags that will fly in Washington Park for the remainder of the summer. ArtsWave also hosted performances at the Gazebo throughout the weekend that featured storytellers from Playhouse in the Park, members of the Classical Roots Community Mass Choir, Drums for Peace, MY Cincinnati, and Elementz, among others.

The best part of this extraordinary weekend? How people from all over the region rediscovered a source of pride in one of Cincinnati’s beautiful urban parks and discovered, perhaps for the first time or anew, the fun of sharing a live cultural experience among old and new friends.

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The Ripple Effect Issue #1 - CEO Currents

Ripple Effect Header

Alecia Kintner, President & CEO of ArtsWave

It’s been four years since the Fine Arts Fund changed its name, mission, and vision for building community. Like any bold endeavor, the new “ArtsWave” made a splash.

What did it mean, then? And what does it mean, today?

Pones Art in the Park 2014When I first heard the brand new name ArtsWave, at exactly this time in 2010, I was sitting on the beach in the Caribbean.  My family and I were in the midst of our three-year island adventure when I learned about the transformation this organization had just undergone in Cincinnati. When I heard the name ArtsWave, I thought, wow, how amazing to have chosen a name for the nation’s oldest united arts fund that suggests one of the most enduring and steadfast things on the planet– waves!

The name “ArtsWave” was selected to signal an emerging understanding of what the public values about the arts: that because the region is home to a wide variety of cultural institutions and experiences, there is a ripple effect of benefits that accrue to individuals and neighborhoods. What fascinated researchers in 2008, who studied this at ArtsWave’s request, was that everyone – from passionate arts patrons to those who rarely engaged with the arts – shared two overarching beliefs: First, that the arts create fun, vibrant neighborhoods that attract and retain residents and businesses; and second, that the arts bring people together to share ideas and experiences, creating stronger social bonds.

The “Arts Ripple Effect”, as we named it, was a strong new characterization of the good things that happen when a flourishing arts scene is part of the make-up of the community.

As the new CEO of ArtsWave, I am excited about revealing the myriad surprising ways that the arts “ripple” and intersect with community and public life.  Like waves coming together, it’s at these intersections of arts and important things like -- a growing workforce, neighborhood identity, personal health and happiness, tolerance and empathy for others, creativity and innovation, and so on -- that powerful things can happen, and are happening.

Today, we see the impact of the arts in action in countless ways throughout Greater Cincinnati. And through grants of more than $10,000,000 annually, ArtsWave is proud to be sustaining and driving 100 organizations and their activities each year that bring people out and bring them together.  

Among the many bits of ArtsWave lore that I’ve inherited, there is the story of a particularly astute business leader who looked at our organization’s new mission and vision, and said: “So, you’re looking to create a movement out of this, are you?” The answer then is the same as today: Yes!

The name ArtsWave reminds us that collectively, the programs of arts organizations and the work of artists create something transformative, more than the sum of their parts.

And, looking back on my view from the beach, as lovely as it is to see your footprints in sand, it is lovelier still to make an imprint on a community. That’s the opportunity we have in front of us, together.

Who will set sail with me? Share your story and/or photo of the “arts ripple effect” on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #ArtsRipple by September 12 and you will be entered to win tickets to an upcoming arts experience.  We might even feature your submission in an upcoming edition of The Ripple Effect.

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ArtsPass Roundup...September-December 2014

You gave $75 to ArtsWave and opted-in for ArtsPass benefits. You even created your account on the ArtsPass website and started perusing your benefits. Now what do you do?

With the Fall Arts Season kicking off soon, there are tons of exciting music, theatre, art, and dance events in our region. Make family memories, plan a date night, or schedule a girls night with ArtsPass! Here are the many ways you can use your ArtsPass from September to December 2014.  Login now to redeem these offers.

** Denotes appropriate for the whole family
= Denotes events specifically designed for children
~ Denotes appropriate for ages 12 and up



Tickets are on sale for Broadway in Cincinnati productions of Dirty Dancing, Once, Elf, Cinderella, Anything Goes, The Lion King, and I Love Lucy.

September 4-18, Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati – Hands on a Hardbody

September 6-14, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park – Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club ~

September 11 - Oct 5, Cincinnati Landmark Productions / Covedale Center for the Performing Arts – A Streetcar Named Desire

Sept 11, 17, & 18Cincinnati Ballet – Kaplan New Works Series **

September 14, Oxford Community Arts Center - hello, music. Oxford Arts Trio **

September 19, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra – Louis + John Adams + Mozart**

September 19, Broadway in Cincinnati - Dirty Dancing Ticket Offer Expires

September 23-Oct 5, Broadway in Cincinnati - Dirty Dancing

September 24, Clifton Cultural Arts Center – Sunset Salons: Film

September 27 - Oct 5, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park – I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti

September 27 , Linton Music – Peanut Butter & Jam Session: It’s A String Thing ** =

September 28, Oxford Community Arts Center - hello, music. An Afternoon with John Bercaw

Art Academy of Cincinnati - Fall Class Registration Now Open



Until October 3, Broadway in Cincinnati - Dirty Dancing

Starting October 4, ArtWorks - Saturday Mural Tours

Until October 5, Cincinnati Landmark Productions / Covedale Center for the Performing Arts – A Streetcar Named Desire

Until October 5, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park – I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti

October 3-5, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – Mad Anthony Theatre: Love, Loss, and What I Wore

October 3-18, Sunset Players, Inc – Addams Family-A New Musical ~

October 8, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – Celebrating Self – Alpaca Corner

October 9, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra – Debussy + Dvorak  **

October 10 - Nov 8, Know Theatre of Cincinnati– Moby Dick

October 10, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – Fitton Family Fridays Zak Morgan ** =

October 10, CCM Philharmonia - An Evening of Mozart and Mahler **

October 11, CCM - Naumburg Gold Medalists Piano Recital **

October 11, Kentucky Symphony Orchestra - Speedy **

October 12, CCM Jazz - Beneath the Underdog, The Music of Charles Mingus **

October 16, Constella Festival - An Evening with Iguedesman & Joo 

October 17 or 25, Children’s Theatre – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr ** =

October 18, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – New Series – The Ballroom Thieves

October 18-23, Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, An Iliad

October 18-26, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park – Safe House

October 19 & 20, Linton Music - Grand Opening: The Variation Trio & Benjamin Hochman **

October 11 & 25, Linton Music – Peanut Butter & Jam Session: It’s A String Thing ** =

October 23 – Nov 16, Cincinnati Landmark Productions / Covedale Center for Performing Arts – Into the Woods  ~

October 24, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra – Andre Watts **

October 24, CCM Winds - The American Symphony **

October 25, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – EntertainmentPlus! O Sole Trio

October 31 & Nov 1, Contemporary Dance Theater - ZviDance/DABKE

October 31, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company - The Birds (CincYPerks Offer)

October 31, CCM Philharmonia - A Halloween Menagerie **


Until November 5, Know Theatre of Cincinnati– Moby Dick

Until November 16, Cincinnati Landmark Productions / Covedale Center for Performing Arts – Into the Woods ~

November 1, Broadway in Cincinnati - Elf  Ticket Offer Expires (SOLD OUT) **

November 1, 6, & 8, Linton Music – Peanut Butter & Jam Session: It’s A String Thing ** =

November 2, CCM Jazz - HiFi Stan Kenton: In Neophonic Stereo! **

November 2 & 3 , Linton Music - Eclectic Previn - Nostalgic Dvořák - Dynamic Schumann **

November 5, Cincinnati World Piano Competition - Spencer Myer - Dinner Concert Series **

November 5, CCM Men's and Women's Choruses - Remember, Remember the Fifth of November / Still I Rise: Songs of Peace & Freedom **

November 7, Broadway in Cincinnati - Once Ticket Offer Expires

November 7, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – Fitton Family Fridays: ArtReach Children’s Theatre Hansel & Gretel ** =

November 7-9, Cincinnati Ballet – Peter Pan **

November 8, Fitton Center for Creative Arts New Series- The Floorwalkers

November 8, Cincinnati Vocal Arts Ensemble Concert **

November 9, Cincinnati Boychoir – From Dawn to Setting Sun: A Salute to our Troops **

November 11-23, Broadway in Cincinnati - Once

November 12, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – Celebrating Self, Cammy Dierking Discusses “Heart Health”

November 14, Cincinnati Memorial Hall - Signature Series: Broadway & Bordeaux

November 15, Madcap Puppets at Clifton Cultural Arts Center - Hats Off! Long Lost Stories **=

November 15, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – EntertainmentPlus! Michael Kaeshammer

November 15-23, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park – Tenderly: The Rosemary Clooney Musical

November 16, CCM Jazz - Annual Holiday Concert **

November 19, Clifton Cultural Arts Center – Sunset Salons

November 21, Cincinnati Public Radio - Political Junkie Road Show

Until November 22, ArtWorks - Saturday Mural Tours

November 22 & 23, Madcap Puppets at Cincinnati Art Museum - Hats Off! Long Lost Stories **=

November 22, Kentucky Symphony Orchestra - KSO 20th Century Premieres**

November 22, MUSE, Cincinnati Women's Choir - Unresolved

November 27, 28, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company – Comedy of Errors ~

November 28 – Dec 20, Know Theatre of Cincinnati – Bureau of Missing Persons



Until December 20, Know Theatre of Cincinnati – Bureau of Missing Persons

December 2-7, Broadway in Cincinnati - Elf (SOLD OUT)**

December 3, CCM Winds - War and Peace **

December 4, 5, 11, & 12, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company – Comedy of Errors ~

December 4-23, Cincinnati Landmark Productions /Covedale Center for Performing Arts – Plaid Tidings  **

December 5-7, CCM Dance - Fall Dance Concert **

December 5-14, Sunset Players, Inc – Aladdin ** =

December 5 & 6 , The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati – The Snow Queen ** =

December 7, Cincinnati Boychoir – Holiday in the City (Spark Reloaded) ** =

December 10, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – Celebrating Self – Cincinnati Railroad Club

December 12, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – Fitton Family Fridays ArtReach Children’s Theatre The Night Before Christmas ** =

December 12 & 13, Cincinnati Black Theatre Company - Black Nativity **

December 12 & 13, CCM Prep Ballet Concert **

December 13, Cincinnati Children's Choir - Holiday Concert ** =

December 13 & 14Cincinnati Boychoir – Messiah Part the First **

December 14 & 15, Cincinnati Vocal Arts Ensemble Concert

December 19-27, Cincinnati Ballet –  Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker  ** =

December 20, Fitton Center for Creative Arts – EntertainmentPlus! Comedian Dan St. Paul

December 22, Broadway in Cincinnati - The Lion King (April 14-26) Ticket Offer Expires


Our museum, restaurant, and retail partners have year-round ongoing offers. Make sure to check those out! 

Cincinnati Loves Arts! - August Free Arts

Cincinnati is known for some amazing things: tasty ice cream and chilli, baseball, and the arts! Our region has so many opportunities to experience the arts--find a few below that are fun and FREE!


A Mid(week) Summer Night's Dream. Join ArtsWave, Enjoy the Arts, and Cincinnati Shakespeare Company at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center on August 6th for an evening of Shakespeare for FREE! Add just $10 to your admission price to join ArtsWave's and Enjoy the Arts' Young Professionals at the event for Graeter's Ice Cream, refreshments, and accesss to VIP seating. 


LumenoCity is back on August 1-3. No tickets? No worries! You can enjoy this amazing performance on the radio, on TV, at Fountain Square, or at Riverbend. Stop by LumenoCity Village to see free arts performances in the gazebo and to help us paint "One-City Flags" at the ArtsWave booth!

Boogie down at Devou Park. August is your last chance to hear the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra as part of their Summer Series! Get your Latin pop and crossover fix at "Oye Como Va" on August 2. Or enjoy some classic, very recognizable tunes at "Anderson, Hayman & Mancini: POPS, Inc" on August 30. Admission is free, though a $5.00 per person donation is suggested.

Check out free live music almost every night on Fountain Square, Washington Park, or at Party in the Park.

The last concert in the CCO Summer Series at Burnet Woods is Thursday, August 7. Drop by at 6:30pm for the opening acts, including dance and choral music. The CCO will start their concert at 8pm.


Love museums? You can always visit the Taft Museum of Art for free on Sundays (thanks to Western & Southern Financial Group). Or, hear free live music in the Taft Museum garden every Saturday from 1-3pm. Want something more modern? The Contemporary Arts Center has free admission (thanks to Macy's) on Monday nights from 5-9pm. 

Looking for something a little more risque'? Check out Manifest Gallery's newest exhibits starting on August 15. With a Regional Sculpture Showcase, a show with figurative works featuring the human form, and Perceptual Painters, Manifest Gallery provides a new, unique, and captivating art experience. 


Summer Shakespeare! Cincinnati Shakespeare Company brings another round of free Shakespeare in the Park performances to Greater Cincinnati. Check the schedule to see when CSC will be in your neighborhood.

Coming Soon - Wednesdays mean free live theatre at Know Theatre of Cincinnati. Read more about the radical and revolutionary "Welcome Experiment."

See the next generation of performers at The Children's Theatre of Cincinnati. The STAR program showcase will be held Saturday August 2nd from 12:30pm - 6:30pm  Sunday August 3rd from 1pm – 7pm.  Each of the five one-act comedy, drama, musical, mystery, or revues will be under an hour in length. The five different groups will rotate in and out of the two performance spaces using a brief intermission between the one-acts.


3CDC, with help from Enjoy the Arts, presents the OTR performs series in Washington Park this summer. August perfomances include Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and a special performance from Over the Rhine in Over the Rhine! It’s each Sunday from 6pm-8pm, and the list of performances is here.

Family fun with puppets! Madcap Puppets is hosting a Family Puppet Workshop on Aug. 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 at their Glenmore studio. The puppets created will be part of a Westwood Art Show and parade on September 13. To get your family involved email John at: .

Clermont County residents and visitors: visit the Community Park Performance Pavilion for Miami Township's Summer Concert Series. Enjoy some shakespeare on August 3 and music from the Clermont Philharmonic Orchestra on August 10. 

The Covedale Center for the Performing Arts hosts the 13th Annual Summer Arts & Crafts Fair. Local artists will be on hand to display and sell their original works at this outdoor event. Mixed media will include: pottery, jewelry, enamel painted iron tiles, woodworks, oils, water colors, graphic art, fiber art, acrylics, photography, and ceramics. 

Want more info on free art? Follow ArtsWave on Facebook and Twitter to see more updates on free arts events throughout the summer.

#SUMMERinCincy - July Free Arts

Summer is heating up! Chill out with friends and family at some of these cool free arts events. 

Make history and break a world record! On July 24 at 6pm, head over to Fountain Square and help break the Guinness World Record for Salsa Dancing. It'll take 2000 people to break the record, so bring the whole family for a fun evening of dancing!

Celebrate Independence Day early and hear the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra chamber music series at Burnet Woods on July 3, 2014 at 6pm on the Burnet Woods Lake. Featuring performances from CCM, Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, and CCO Brass Quintet, plus a free fireworks show!

Free performances from amazing symphony orchestras! The Cincinnati Symphony & Pops Orchestra will be at the Fayette County Fairgrounds on July 14 and in Forest Park, OH on July 18. Find out more here. Or head over to the beautiful Devou Park on July 12 for Circus Devou Deux ($5 suggested donation) with the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra and Circus Mojo. 

Looking for family arts fun? Price Hill Will is hosting an afternoon filled with family-friendly arts activities: The Warsaw Arts Festival on July 26. Have a blast at this free event, including a MYCincinnati Orchestra concert, Bucket Drumming classes and demonstrations, participatory art activities, food, and more. 

3CDC, with help from Enjoy the Arts, presents the OTR performs series in Washington Park this summer. Performances include the Cincinnati Opera, yp/CC and MUSE Women's Chorus, concert:nova, Bi-okoto, and more! It’s each Sunday from 6pm-8pm, and the list of performances is here. There's also free music almost every night on Fountain Square, Washington Park, or at Party in the Park.

Cutting edge new art at Manifest Gallery. Master Pieces, an exhibit featuring works students working toward terminal degrees in art or design, opens on July 11. Find out more here

Love museums? You can always visit the Taft Museum of Art for free on Sundays (thanks to Western & Southern Financial Group), including a special family fun day, Muy Caliente, on July 20. Or, hear free live music in the Taft Museum garden every Saturday from 1-3pm. Want something more modern? The Contemporary Arts Center has free admission (thanks to Macy's) on Monday nights from 5-9pm. 

Wednesdays have never been so fun! Clifton Cultural Arts Center's Wednesdays on the Green series has an eclectic mix of free live music. Check out the full schedule for more information. 

Starting in August, Wednesdays will also mean free live theatre at Know Theatre of Cincinnati. Read more about the radical and revolutionary "Welcome Experiment."

Save-the-date - Cincinnati Shakespeare Company brings another round of free Shakespeare in the Park performances to Greater Cincinnati. Check the schedule to see when CSC will be in your neighborhood.

Want more info on free art? Follow ArtsWave on Facebook and Twitter to see more updates on free arts events throughout the summer.