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Here are the top five songs you like to sing for the holidays - in an artsy chart:
We hope you all get out there and sing with a group soon! We are planning on it!


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We love it when people come together to sing and dance. At this time of year, there are lots of opportunities to connect with friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers (!) for holiday singing.

We got to talking...which songs make the list of holiday favorites for singing?
We were struggling to remember all the words ourselves and found that when we sing together it's easier! There's something about singing with a group, y'know?
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Lisa and Tom Sharing the Joy

We like to share a good time. So, sometimes we just have to dance -- in public.

Check it out. (Double click to go to YouTube and see some special animation in the video.)

Lisa and Tom, Communications Associates at the Fine Arts Fund,
dancing to the tunes at Newport on the Levee


Be a City Planner

This is a shout out to everyone planning to stick around our region for a while!

The City of Cincinnati is working on a comprehensive plan for the future – and asking that you share your thoughts now! Hey - it's not as boring as it sounds -- "Plan Cincinnati" even has a YouTube channel.

Here’s how our city officials describe the effort – the first in over three decades:

A Comprehensive Plan is best described as a guide to the City’s future. The Comprehensive Plan will inform current and future decision makers where we are now, where we want to go, how we intend to get there, and who will help us along the way.

More specifically:

  • It will define the City’s biggest assets and challenges

  • It will make recommendations about the type and character of development appropriate in different parts of the City

  • It will recommend and prioritize policies, key projects, and resources and determines implementation partners

  • It will provide guidance to the City in developing and directing future capital budgets

  • It will serve as the basis for zoning recommendations throughout the City


Earlier this year, the planners hosted some community meetings about the plan and now they are promoting a survey for more input.

Go right now and complete it here.

If you are reading this blog – you probably have ideas about the power of theatre, museums, music, festivals, galleries, dancing, etc. to benefit people. We know that the large and small arts events all across our community have surprising ripple effects of benefits for everyone in the region. The arts bring us together to share ideas and make our neighborhoods vibrant, busy, and fun.

When you take the survey, you’ll notice that there are couple of places to weigh in about the importance of planning for a strong arts & culture life in our region. If you want our city leaders to take action and include arts in our comprehensive plan for the future - you need to tell them now!


Flash Mob Dancers Splash Dance at Findlay Market


Yes - we did it again! After our surprise Splash Dance in September - the dancers were clamoring for a chance to surprise Cincinnatians again.

So, on Sunday November 1 we invited everyone to join us for repeat performances.

It was a sparkling fall day in Cincinnati and the dancers came from all across the area for a short practice session at the Ballet. Then we walked over to Findlay Market and surprised the shoppers.

After, we took a quick drive across the river to Newport on the Levee for a last dance.

Dancing at Newport on the Levee