fine arts fund

Celebrating the Art All Around Us

Please join us, Saturday, February 20, to celebrate the creative things happening all across our community.
During the annual Fine Arts Fund Sampler Weekend, Friends For the Arts is hosting the ArtAlive Celebration at the Contemporary Art Center. The evening will include access to art in the galleries, live performances, music, food, drink, and more. Guests will receive a tote bag featuring the winning design from our 'Sharing Art' Community Competition. You can vote for your favorite artwork here.
For all the details on ArtAlive, please click here.
Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

Vote on Your Favorite 'Sharing Art' Design

We asked artists from all over our community to send us their artwork expressing 'Sharing Art'. Now it is your turn to vote on which design you think expresses our theme the best. We will print the winning design on tote bags that we will hand out at the Friends For the Arts party, ArtAlive, on Saturday, February 20.

The ArtAlive party, which we are hosting at the Contemporary Arts Center, is part of our Sampler Weekend - a weekend when creative things will be happening all over the place -- music, dance, storytelling, theatre, painting, and much more. Find more details on Sampler Weekend here.

Click here to vote the 'Sharing Art' designs. The deadline to vote is Tuesday, January 26 - so make sure you get your vote in now!

We Need Artists to Tell Our Story


First we moved -- and now we're changing our name.

It's true. (But we don't know our new name yet - honest!)

This is NOT our new name.

Now we are looking for partners to assist with these concrete steps to illustrate the expansion of our work.
Then we'll need your help to share the news with everyone! We thought about putting on a show (public dancing or singing even!) -- and we might still go there -- but we need some hot thinking on this.
Interested agencies and others can find out more about our plans and how to indicate your interest by downloading this official Request-for-Qualifications.



Speaking with One Voice about Supporting the Arts


Want to talk about creating an echo chamber to strengthen the community through the arts? We've learned lots about the WAY to start the conversa tion about the benefits of the arts in our community and we're sharing those lessons in our new report.

Now you can join a discussion about the best way to share these ideas with our elected and appointed decision-makers too.
Join Northern Kentucky University's Institute for Nonprofit Capacity for their Breakthrough Breakfast on February 4 to learn more. Phillip Sparkes, assistant Professor at Salmon Chase College of Law and Director of the Local Government Law center will speak on the topic and Margaret Hulbert and our own Margy Waller will reflect on the presentation.
Register for the Breakthrough Breakfast here.
For more information on this event click here.

CityBeat on Us!


John Fox at CityBeat reported on us this week! We just finished a first-in-the-nation communications research initiative on building more support for arts & culture and he's posted a really nice summary of our just-released report: The Arts Ripple Effect: A Research-Based Strategy to Build Shared Responsibility for the Arts.

"The Fine Arts Fund has released the results of a year-long study intended to start the process of building more collective responsibility in Greater Cincinnati for the arts. Despite the general public’s longstanding support for arts and culture in their communities, charitable giving to and public funding of the arts struggle to keep up with demand nationally and locally — and this study was undertaken to try to “change the conversation” here about the arts as a shared public good and to motivate Cincinnatians to increase support."

You can read the full article here.