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Cincy Cinco Makes Our Public Square Sparkle

Guest blogger Marcelina Robledo, Manager of Multicultural Arts Initiative, shares her experience from Cincy Cinco 2010.

There are many signs showing spring's arrival and you see these signs all across the region. If you are downtown, you'll see outdoor seating emerging on sidewalks of local restaurants, the Flying Pig Marathon, and Cincy Cinco.

Cincy Cinco started in 2004 and the festivities took place at Coney Island. Last year, the festival moved to its new home on Fountain Square, one of Cincinnati's most popular meeting spaces --- where people come together, day and night all year around. Cincy Cinco celebrates Mexican culture, and all cultures from Latin America.

I always look forward to Cincy Cinco as it reminds me of the vibrancy of my family's roots. The weekend is full of delicious food, toe-tapping music, and lots of dancing. The festival is also a great opportunity to reconnect, share, and enjoy activities with family, friends, and neighbors.

This year, the Fine Arts Fund participated in Cincy Cinco by sponsoring booths. We invited both small and large art organizations from all over our community to participate in the festivities. 

At the booths, people participated by personalizing paper sombreros, breaking the Piñata, and making maracas. The participants were also able to appreciate a Community Canvas, a piece of artwork created by weaving long paper strips into an empty chain-link fence. (The one on display during Cincy Cinco was Diego River's The Tortilla Maker.)

While at the booths, festival-goers had a chance to learn about many different art organizations, what they offer our community, and how they contribute in making our community vibrant.

Despite the threat of rain over the weekend, we all stayed at the festival to enjoy each other's company, fun crafts, live music, and tasty food! I'm already looking forward to Cincy Cinco 2011!


Fine Arts Fund Presents....

This spring, large and small arts organizations across our region are sharing music, dance, theatre, opera, and visual arts at neighborhood community arts centers, in a new series—Fine Arts Fund Presents….

This initiative, sponsored in part by The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr./US Bank Foundation, will connect Cincinnati’s arts institutions with community arts centers and other presenting partners across our region.

Through this new series, arts organizations will increase their presence and reach in neighborhoods and suburbs with performances, lectures, and events in Blue Ash, Sharonville, West Chester, Fairfield, Hamilton, and Oxford.

Fine Arts Fund Presents… programming begins on Sunday, April 18, 2010. This year’s series will run for two weeks, wrapping up on Sunday, May 2, 2010 and will close out our annual community campaign. The program is a pilot for a larger initiative coming this fall.

All performances/lectures are approximately one hour long and suitable for all ages.

For a complete schedule of these performances, please click here!


Splash Dance Contributes to the Best of Cincinnati

City Beat editors just announced the Best of Cincinnati 2010. We're thrilled that Splash Dance received TWO mentions: 'Out and About' and 'Best New Thing'.

Readers nominated and voted for Splash Dance as one of the city's best "new things" in a category that editor John Fox described as filled with a very diverse set of nominations "from retail businesses and restaurants to events and organizations to people and social issues." Fox decided to write a short article about the top vote getters in the category as a response to what he calls the "Know Nothings": People who "who like to tell you (and the world) how Cincinnati is a boring city and there’s nothing to do here and all the old places are stupid and nothing new ever happens. They stubbornly cling to the notion that new things here can’t be exceptional because Cincinnati is incapable of being exceptional."

In the "Out and About" category, CityBeat staff named Splash Dance "best arts promo".

You can see Splash Dance's mentions here and here, along with the other winners of City Beat's Best of Cincinnati 2010.

As City Beat noted, all who participated and watched the Splash Dance loved it and had a great time. Thanks to everyone involved, CityBeat voters and staff!


Express Cincinnati Shares our Surprise Art


This year, we kicked off the 2010 Annual Community Campaign for the Arts with something new: surprise art happening all across the region -- from transforming buses into mobile galleries to surprise shows on buses and public spaces in our community.

Margy was a witness to many of the surprise art performances and shares the experience in a column for Express Cincinnati, which you can read here.


“We should all be proud of what we’ve created and make sure we keep the arts all around us,” she concludes.

Next up: A special video of the surprises on kickoff day. Watch this space or sign up for our occasional emails about the fun things in Greater Cincinnati here.

You can show your support for the arts in our community by giving to the Fine Arts Fund today. DONATE HERE.


Let's Have Fun!

Dan Hurley of WKRC Channel 12 hosts us on Newsmakers as we talk about the annual community arts celebration and campaign in 2010!