Project Grants

Project Grants support special, one-time events which are in addition to the regular cultural programming of the applying organization or expand upon this regular programming. Consideration will be given to funding Capital Purchases that are important to the continued operation of an organization.  Please review the Guidelines (below) for additional information on eligibility.

Organizations are limited to one grant per funding year: September 1 through August 31.  Please note that any organization that receives funding under ArtsWave’s new Impact Funding Model is not eligible to apply for project support.

Maximum Request:
Grant requests may not exceed 50% of proposed project expenses. The applicant must provide at least one half of the total cost of the project through matching funds and/or some in-kind services. No grant will exceed $10,000. Consideration for funding at $10,000 level will be reserved for applications that have exceptional merit, a broad regional impact, or multiple collaborative partners.

Next application deadline - Tuesday, January 6, 2015.

Requirements: If an organization's grant application is funded, it will receive an award letter by mail.  A letter-of-acceptance must be returned to ArtsWave in order to receive the award.  An Evaluation Report must be submitted to ArtsWave at the conclusion of the project.

Please read Guidelines for additional eligibility requirements.

2014-2015 Project Grant Guidelines
2014-2015 Project Grant Application
2013-2015 Project Grant Evaluation Report
ArtsWave Marketing and Recognition Policies for Grants $10,000 and Under


Additional Resources:
Minimum Eligibility, Application and Reporting Requirements
The Arts Ripple Effect: A Research-Based Strategy to Build Shared Responsibility for the Arts (full report)(executive summary)


IMPORTANT: First-time applicants must schedule a brief interview with at least two weeks prior to the grant submission deadline.

For more information or to schedule an interview please call ArtsWave at 513-632-0128.




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