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Impact of the Arts

At ArtsWave, we believe that the arts are more than just nice.  We believe that the arts are essential for a thriving community. Our landmark research study, The Arts Ripple Effect, showed that most people agree: the ripple effects from a lively arts environment make our region an amazing place to live.

We believe that we can see and measure the impact of the arts as local arts organizations create economic vitality, vibrant neighborhoods, and a more connected community. Therefore, we are committed to funding organizations and initiatives that create impact, foster innovation, and drive community engagement.

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Blueprint for Collective Action for the Arts Sector

Our Vision – A more vibrant regional economy and more connected community for all.

By supporting a wide variety of art forms and providing strategic leadership for the arts sector in the broader community, ArtsWave creates an environment where the growing impact of the arts is felt and celebrated by the entire community. The Blueprint for Collective Action provides a focus for ArtsWave’s community investments and strategic initiatives for the next ten years.