Volunteers are integral to the success of ArtsWave and our arts community. We couldn't function without our many dedicated volunteers and, in keeping with our mission, we offer a number of opportunities to assist the arts community and better connect Cincinnati and Kentucky residents to arts organizations in their neighborhoods.

Volunteer Opportunities
We have several volunteer programs. We meet individually with each interested applicant to ensure that everyone is paired with a program that makes use of their respective talents and interests.  Every arts and culture organization has a wish-list of things that volunteers could help with, but these opportunities often get pushed to the back-burner when dealing with day-to-day operations. For individuals and corporate teams looking to make a big difference over a short period of time, these wish-list volunteer opportunities are a perfect fit.

Board Member Opportunities
Serving as a board member on an arts and culture board is both challenging and rewarding. Leadership training specifically focused on the arts and culture sector increases prospective board member effectiveness in this critical leadership role. ArtsWave offers two paths to board engagement, pick the one that is best for you.





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