How to Run an Employee Campaign

Thank you for leading the employee campaign effort at your workplace. The support you generate makes it possible for the arts to have a positive impact by bringing people together and creating vibrancy in neighborhoods across the region. Through the efforts of volunteers like you, ArtsWave raised $11.2 million and is the largest united arts fund in the country. 

Follow these 8 Steps for Success to organize and execute your employee campaign:

  1. Evaluate last year’s campaign results and strategy
  2. Review campaign materials
    • Check to see if you have enough of the following items
    • Sampler Flyers and Posters
    • Pledge Cards
    • Campaign Flyers and Posters
  3. Involve your top management & discuss campaign ideas
    • Establish a Goal $ _________
    • Review Budget $ _________
    • Determine workplace timetable
    • Kick-off Date: _________
    • Finale Date: __________
    • Discuss having the CEO sign a solicitation letter to distribute with pledge cards
    • Discuss hosting a Leadership Event or creating a leadership solicitation letter (ask ArtsWave liaison for information)
  4. Assemble a team
    • Include representation from the entire workforce
    • Assign each team member a task
    • Schedule meetings to monitor campaign progress (include ArtsWave liaison)
  5. Promote Macy’s Arts Sampler
    • Distribute flyers to all employees—at least one week in advance (complete schedule available on our website)
    • Let employees know about the free Macy's Arts Sampler App
    • Send e-mail announcing the weekends
  6. Develop a marketing plan & create activities to raise awareness & money
    • Plan a kick-off event after the ArtsWave annual community campaign kick-off
    • Secure ArtsWave campaign video and/or speaker
    • Schedule entertainment—you will find a complete list of performers with contact information and prices on our website
    • Compose letters, e-mails, voicemails, and newsletters to promote the campaign—samples available on our website
    • Develop fun events to promote your campaign
    • Obtain raffle prizes—check with vendors, top management, local businesses, or your Board
    • Educate the employees at your workplace about our arts and culture community—more information available on our website 
  7. Implement your campaign ideas & distribute pledge cards
    • Promote the schedule of campaign events and your company’s goal amount
    • Distribute pledge cards with letter from your CEO to all employees
    • Inform employees about the ArtsPass and donor benefits (for donors of $75 or more)
    • Host special events
    • Speaker & video presentation
    • Raffle
    • Fun Activity
    • Entertainment
  8. Collect pledge cards & thank every donor
    • Use the donor checklist provided by ArtsWave to make sure past donors have given
    • Send follow-up reminder if needed
    • Fax or e-mail the Campaign Report to your ArtsWave liaison
    • Forward white copies of the pledge cards and checks to the ArtsWave Lockbox with your Campaign Report
    • Make copies of payroll pledges for your payroll contact
    • Announce the amount raised and thank every donor — get CEO involved
    • Throw a party to celebrate the end of your campaign
    • Draw for your final raffle winners
    • Thank your campaign team

Campaign Resources: Click here to find all the tools you need to get your campaign off the ground including sampler letters, Fun Facts, entertainment, campaign images, and more.