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BOARDway Bound

BOARDway Bound is ArtsWave's signature board-training program that, through 15 hours of classroom training, provides all the tools you'll need to be a successful arts and culture board member. The program includes independent online learning, classroom experiences, and (in the fall) a facilitated matched "observership" with an arts organization. 

The program is comprised of six sessions and is more specifically targeted to new board candidates, though allowances can be made for current arts board members to attend. The first session in the Fall allows candidates to hear directly from the arts organizations seeking new board members in an "elevator speech" marathon session, while the final session is "Speed Dating," where candidates have an opportunity to meet directly with 15-20 arts groups in whom they are most interested.

At this time, ArtsWave is reviewing the BOARDway Bound program and considering how it might best serve potential volunteers and the arts organizations.  The program will be on hiatus until September 2017.  If you are interested in receiving information about the program in the summer of 2017, please email

I was interested in BOARDway Bound

...because I wanted to give back and become invested in the arts and the region in a different capacity. The lessons that I learned proved not only invaluable to my career but provided me with the knowledge to be an effective member on the Board that I joined. - Amanda McDonald, UC Foundation

BWB Speed Dating