Individual Donors

2013 Leadership Donors

Circle of Excellence
Anonymous (2)
Rosemary and Frank Bloom*
Chris and Karen Bowman
Castellini Foundation
Dick and Joyce Farmer*
Anne & George Heldman Family
Mr. David C. Herriman*
Mr. Carl H. Lindner III
Mr. S. Craig Lindner
Lois and Richard Rosenthal
Moe and Jack Rouse*
Thomas R. Schiff
Rosemary and Mark Schlachter
Jeremy F. Simpson*
Tom and Dee Stegman
Mrs. Stuart B. Sutphin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Williams

Heritage Society
($10,000 - $14,999)

Anonymous (1)
Cecile and Compton Allyn
Eileen and John Barrett
The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Charles O. Carothers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Connelly
Dave and Dee Dillon*
William and Susan Friedlander
Naomi T.  Gerwin
Roger and Joyce Howe
Peter F. Levin
The Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation
Craig and Anne Maier
James A. Miller
Oliver Family Foundation
John and Francie Pepper*
Mr. Jon R. Moeller and Ms. Lisa Sauer
Mrs. Joseph S. Stern, Jr.*
Dudley S. Taft
Ellen and Ray van der Horst
George H. and Kim M. Vincent
Alice Weston
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Zimmerman

Chairman's Circle
($5,000 - $9,999)

Anonymous (3)
The William H. Albers Foundation, Inc.
Colleen and Dean Athans
Lynn and Eric Baehre
Bardes Fund
H. Douglas Barnaclo Family
Mary M. Bergstein
Mrs. Herbert Bloch, Jr.*
Mr. Roger Blohm
Rich and Lisa Boehne
Lorraine and Brien Bolsinger
Neil Bortz
Mr. J.B. Buse
Shannon and Lee Carter
Mr. Robert Chavez
Ray and Marylyn Clark
Karen F. Clark
Susan and Burton Closson
Sheila and Christopher Cole*
Mr. and Mrs. William O. DeWitt, Jr.
David F. Dougherty
Mrs. Charles Drackett
Ed and Laura Duran
Mr. Peter J. Effler
Scott and Mary Farmer
Mrs. Philip O. Geier
Mrs. Victoria Buyniski Gluckman
John B. Goering
Mr. James A. Goetz
Elizabeth Lovett Grover*
Hayfields Foundation
Louise and Joe Head
Bruce and Melanie Healey
Mrs. George L. Heldman*
Rolf Hetico
David and Karen Hoguet
Huenefeld Memorial Fund B*
Milly and Gary Huffman
Mr. Keith James
David and Pamela Joyce
Kevin and Patty Kabat
Mr. Robert J. Kohlhepp*
Whitney and Phillip Lon
Lynne and Michael McAlevey
Mary McCullough-Hudson and Greg Hudson
Mike and Ann Michael
Bruce and Marilyn Mills
Mrs. Arthur E. Motch, Jr.
Mrs. Ruth Myers*
Mr. and Mrs. Erik G. Nelson
Mrs. Valerie L. Newell
Mr. Shawn T. Newman
Joe and Susan Pichler*
Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. Pritchard
Terry and Marvin Quin
Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Rahe
Ellen Rieveschl
Luann and JF Scherer
Mike and Teri Schlotman
Digi and Mike Schueler
Mr. and Mrs. Vishnoo W. Shahani
Larry and Rhonda Sheakley Family Foundation
Kathy and Jim Sluzewski
Ms. Carol G. Talbot and Mr. John Battistone
Mr. Edwin Tanouye
Anne Drackett Thomas
Mr. Theodore H. Torbeck
Mr, Tayfun Tuzun
Albert and Margaret Vontz
Mr. Joshua L. Wallace
Mr. Mark Walton
Mr. Dennis W. Watson
Carolyn and Bob Wehling
Mr. George B. Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Williams, Jr.
Mr. Joseph J. Willke

Director's Club
($2,500 - $4,999)

Anonymous (17)
Lauren and Tony Aiello
Barbara and Dick Allen
Susan and Mark Allen
Mr. Steve Alonso
Americana Arts Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Anderson
Ms. Erin Andre
Ms. Andrea J. Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Barton, Jr.
Ms. Pamela A. Battle
Ms. Margaret C. Bell
Mrs. Thomas S. Benjamin
Drs. David and Elaine Billmire
Mr. Steven Bishop
Mrs. Helen C. Black
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Bolton
Robyn and Mark Brands
Mr. Dennis J. Broderick
Jack and Joanne Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Bryan III
Mr. John and Tiffany Bultema III
Ms. Norma F. Butters
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry R. Byrne
Mr. Steven Capouch
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Carmichael
Mr. Paul W. Christensen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Clark
Kerry and Norah Clark*
Claudia Cline
Mr. Todd Clossin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Coletti
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Coombe
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cooper
R. T. Cotton and C. Fitton
Dr. Mark E. Dato
Mr. Dennis W. Dern
Mr. Vincent DeStefano
Mr. Thomas R. Dietz
Dianne Dunkelman
Mr. Paul C. Duplace
Mr. Mohammad Ehteshami
Tim and Sheila Elsbrock
Lisa and Richard Ernst
Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Farrell
Ms. Cheryl Feltgen
Suzette and Michael Fisher
Mrs. Suzanne Flanigan
Mrs. Charles Fleischman III
Mr. Kenneth Flierl
Mr. Michael Gatio
Mrs. Leslie Gaudreau
Kay Geiger
Werner and Sabine Geissler
Ms. Louise Gissendaner
Carrie and Ken Goldhoff and family
Lynne Meyers Gordon M.F.A.
Mr. Dennis H. Hackett
JoAnn and Gary Hagopian
Heather Hallenberg and Frank Satogata
Dr. Richard and Marcie Hammel
Tom and Sandy Hammoor
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanson
Mr. David L. Heimbach
Mr. Paul Heldman
Don and Michelle Hershey
Mr. Stephen L. Hightower
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Hirschhorn*
Ms. Katy Hollister and Mr. Brad Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Homan
Homan Foundation
Ms. Melissa Hooker
Lynne and David Hoover
Mrs. Wm. H. Hopple, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Terence L. Horan
Mr. James Hubbard
Gregory T. Hyland II
Mr. Gregory Imm
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ingling
Ms. Phyllis A. Jackson and Mr. Martin Murray
Marianne and Don James
Mr. Marc N. James
Ms. Heidi B. Jark and Mr. Steven T. Kenat
Mrs. Emily Jones
Jerry Kathman and Liz Kathman Grubow
R. Alexandra and Christopher Keith*
Mr. R. Ted Keller
Mr. Daniel E. Kempf
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kennedy
Tom and Judy Kinman
Ms. Lisa Knutson
Mrs. David A. Kohnen
Mr. Gregory Kosch
Mrs. Krystyna Krawczyk
Jerry Kroger and Helen Archer
Mr. Peter Kwiatkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lange
Jerry and Michelle Laux
Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Lemberg
Chris and Nancy Lorence
The Mary E. and Kenneth W. Lowe Philanthropic Fund at InterAct for Change
Mr. Joseph Lubrecht
Anthony Maier
Ms. Deborah P. Majoras
Jeffery C. and Linda J. Martin
Mandare Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McDonald
Tim and Trish McDonald
Paul and Elaine McElhinney
Bob and Sherry McEwan
Anthony and Kathy McGill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. McGraw
Larry and Jill McGruder
Phil and Suzanne McHugh
Mary Ann Meanwell
Mr. Michael Menyhart
Ms. Kathryn E. Merchant
David and Christine Meyer
Dan and Lynn Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas T. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. William Millhaem
Mr. Ian Mitchell
Mr. Daniel J. Montgomery
Mr. Paul Moore
Mr. Harrison Mullin
Mr. and Mrs. Suresh Nirody
Ms. Maureen Normoyle
Mr. Ken Oaks
Jack and Marilyn Osborn*
Ms. Pamela L. Page
Therese and Jeffery Paul
Mark and Kim Pearson
Wym and Jan Portman
Dan and Julia Poston
Mark D. Quinlan and Donna J. Perkins
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Radke
Marty and Nick Ragland
Robert and Gretchen Reifsnyder
Mr.and Mrs. Richard D. Reis
Vicky and Rick Reynolds
Douglas Ridenour
Mr. Thomas Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III
Mr. Joseph Robinson
Ms. Jeanne M. Rosario
Jeff Rowe
Mrs. Ruth F. Rosevear
Robert and DellAnn Sathe
Stuart and Roselyn Schloss
Carol A. Schneider
Mr. William M. Schuler
Vivian and Jim Schwab
Roger and Judith Seager
Mr. Robert J. Siverd
Timothy and Wendy Smith
Mr. Thomas H. Spurr III
Ms. Elizabeth Stautberg
Katherine and Tim Stautberg
Mr. Ken Stecher
Jack and Joyce Steinman
Jim and Kathleen Stengel*
Peter and Sandy Stern
Elizabeth A. Stone*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stradling, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Strange*
Mrs. Teresa Tanner
Ms. Cenona A. Taveras
Mr. Sherman Taylor II
Tim and Jan Timmel
Mr. Read S. Tuddenham
Theresa and John Turco
Karen Bruner Upright
Andre and Maureen Valentine
Mr. and Mrs. J. Philip Vollmer
Randolph L. and Sallie R. Wadsworth
Jim and Darla Wainscott
Mr. Gerald Weigle, Jr.
Mark and Shawn Weller
Barbara and Bill Weyand
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilson
Chad and Elizabeth Withers
Ms. Lauris Woolford

Leadership Club
($1,500 - $2,499)

Anonymous (15)
Mr. Fred Abblett
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Adams
Rick and Lynne Albrecht
Mrs. Andrea Allen
Ms. Janet F. Allgaier
Mr. Gregory Scott Allhands
Mr. Tony Alper
Wilberto and Judith Alvarado
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Amato
Ms. Maribeth Amyot
Terrence and Kelly Anchrum
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. H. Anning
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie T. Applegate
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Applegate III
William and Eve Appleton
Ms. Debra Arenson
Mr. Steve Arnold
Dr. Kelyn A. Arora
Ms. Erin Ascher
Mr. Stewart Atkinson
John and Wendy Augustine
Ms. Athena Avgousti
Mr. Richard A. Baca, Jr.
Cindy J. Bachurski, PhD
Mr. Terry R. Bailey
Gerard and Susan Baillely
Mr. Larry V. Baker
Ms. Ellen H. Baker
Joseph S. Baker
Krista and Matthew Ball
Ms. Kathleen S. Barclay
Tom, Carol and Andy Barefield
Naomi Dallob and John Barnes
Mr. Lee E. Barrett
Christine and Mark Barry
William and Mary Baskett
Mr. Ronald T. Bates
Mr. Christopher Baucom
Ms. Jana Bazzoli
Judy Beaudry
Mr. Donald Beck and Dr. Lawrence Eynon
Jim Beck
Gale and Dave Beckett
Mrs. Cindi Bedinghaus
Ms. Kathy P. Beechem
Mr. Ronald Beerman
Patty and Jim Beggs
Mr. Mark E. Beischel
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Bell
Pamela and Jeffrey Bernstein
Mr. Aaron Betsky and Mr. Peter Haberkorn
Mr. Tysonn Y. Betts
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Biegger
Denice and Don Biocca
Randal and Peter Bloch
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Blowers
Ken and Karen Boberg
Mr. Mark Boire and Peter Quinnan
Mr. William E. Bolger
Ms. Kristen Bomkamp
Ms. Kathleen Book
Mrs. Courtney M. Bott
Glenn and Donna Boutilier
Ms. Roberta A. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. David Brainer
Mr. Guido Bresolin
Robert Briggs
Ms. Sherry K. Bronner
Ms. Helena Lawson
Marian and Albert L. Brown, Jr.*
Bruce and Nancy E. Brown
Mr. Charles Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Brown
Mr. Stanley L. Brown
Marianna Brown Bettman
Mr. Eric Browne
Mr. Michael J. Bruggeman
Cecilia and Jose Brum
Laura and Paul Brunner
Mrs. Amy Brusselback and Mr. Mark Farrell
Ms. Karan Bryant
Margaret and Greg Buchanan
Julie and David Buckner
Mrs. Eileen M. Budo
Mrs. Ann J. Bunis*
Mr. Jon Burger
Mr. James E. Burke
Mr. John P. Burns
Donald and Janet Bush
Mr. Mark J. Busher
Mr. Donald Calvin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Campbell
Chris and Vivienne Carlson
Scott and Wendy Carpenter
Martha and Kevin Carroll
Mr. Robert A. Carson
Ms. Regina Carswell Russo
Caslavka Family
Mr. Ashish Chatterjee
Dr. Calvin Cheng
Ms. Kim Chiodi
Mark and Melissa Cinquina
Ms. Lisa M.J. Clark
Mary Ellen and Tom Cody
Ms. Linda Coffman
L'Tanya and Leroy Cole
Ms. Sterling W. Colvin
Ms. Alissa Colvin
Mr. Robert W. Conway
David W. Cook
Ms. Elizabeth Cook
Sanjay Correa and Carol Hyde
Ms. Kristen Cox
Ms. Karen L. Crone
Mr. John L. Crow
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Crowther
Mr. Stephen D'Amico
Drs. Fuheid and Ingrid Daoud
Mr. Bruno De Weer
Mrs. Donna V. de Graaf
David Deitsch
Mr. Angelo de Jesus
Mr. Sidney C. Deloatch
Anne and Ron DeLyons*
Mr. Joseph A. Detzel
Amy and Trey Devey
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Amy DeWitt
Dr. Thomas G. Dewitt
Ms. Maria Diaz De Prego
Jennifer Dickey
Mr. John L. Doellman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Dolan
Jan Donley, Ph.D.
Mr. Scott Dooley
Greg and Katie Dorr
Mr. John Dovich*
Ms. Kelley Downing
Mr. Don Doyle, Jr.
Mr. Rogers Drew
Mr. Philip Duncan
Ms. Elizabeth Durant
Mr. Douglas William Dusing
Karyn Dyehouse
Reed and Greg Ebel*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eichenseer
Mr. Brian A. Eichold
Jim and Sara Ellerhorst
George and Jeane Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Ellis III*
Mr. Christopher C. Elma
Mr. James English
Dr. Teresa F. Ernst
Dr. Alberto J. Espay
Ms. Kathryn Evans
Mr. Ronald Fairchild
Mr. Dan Fales and Ms. Mary Ann Remke
David and Kris Faulk
Mr. Barry R. Feist
Richard and Carol Fencl*
Kimber L. Fender
Mr. Jeffrey Ficke
Brad and Trish Fielden
Mr. Virgal M. Fields
Tom and Debbie Finn
Jo Anne and Thomas Fiorini
Alex and Jill Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Fish
Barbara Fitch
Bill and Audrey Fitzgerald
Dan and Beth Flanigan
Ms. Brenda Fleissner
J. Michael and Kimberly Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Tadd A. Fowler
Ms. Annette M. Franke
Mr. Robert Fregolle
Ms. Patricia A. Frey
Mr. Kurt A. Freyberger
Mr. Dick Frishkorn
Ms. Jill Frondorf
Jerry W. and Ann G. Schoen
Mr. Anthony Garcia
Ms. Kelley E. Gardner
Jane Garvey and John Lanier
Ms. Linda C. Gaskins White
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney P. Geier
Thom and Lu Gerdes
Mr. Jim Gielty
Dr. Donald L. Gilbert
David M. Giles
Mr. S. Bradley Gillaugh
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Ginsburg
Mrs. Agnes Godwin Hall and Mr. Darin C. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goering
Diana and Robert Goetz
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Goldsmith
Mr. Michael Allan Goss
Melvin and Chandra Gravely
Susan and Merwin Grayson, Jr.
Mr. Steven Michael Graziano
Mr. Joseph N. Green
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Greenberg
Ms. Linda Greenberg*
M. Alan C. Greenwell
Mr. and Dr. Grisemer
Mr. Charles Grone
Gary and Dina Gruber
Mr. Joseph M. Guentert
Mr. David Gunn
Mrs. Kali Hacias Boecher
Ms. Diane S. Hagenbuch
Stuart N. Hagglund
Ms. Kathy A. Haines
Mrs. Kimberly Halbauer
Michele and Joseph Halpin
Ms. Kristal E. Hambrick
Scott and Carolyn Hamlin
Mr. Howard Hammond
Mr. David P. Handler
Mr. and Mrs. Brendon Hansford
Tom and Jan Hardy
Ms. Susan L. Hatfield
Mr. Andrew Hauck
Teri and Mike Haught
Mike and Mary Jo Haverkamp
Ms. Katherine Hawk
Michael W and Diane Hawkins
John and Carrie Hayden
Ron and Nancy Heibert
Mr. Robert R. Heidenreich
Mrs. Cheryl L. Heilman
Sandy and Bob Heimann
Mr. Mark Heimbouch
Mr. Joseph Heller
Mr. James P. Henning
Mr. and Mrs. David Herche
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Herthel
Mr. Marquis Higginbottom
Barbara and Guy M. Hild
Jeff and Erika Hinebaugh
Ms. Renee Hines
Mr. Michael A. Hirschfeld
Mr. Jon Hoeting
Mr. Richard Holmes
Mr. Lamarr Holston
Ms. Sandra Holzgen
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Horn
Christopher and Jennifer Houser
Dr. Cheryl L. Hoying
Mike and Amy Hoyle
Steve Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Myron L. Hughes
William E. Hurford and Lesley I. Gilbertson
Mr. and Mrs. James Huxel
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hynden
Mr. Todd M. Immell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Irwin
Cathy and Gracie Jackson
Charles and Eve Jackson
Ms. Stacy Jackson
Mr. Robert Janning
Jim and Margie Jansing
Mr. Anand Jayaraman
Ms. Denise M. Jeavons
Mr. Willie K. Johnson
Ms. Margaret Johnson
Ms. Vicki Jonas
Mr. Titus A. Jones
Ms. Della R. Jordan
Ms. Julie Joseforsky
Jay and Shirley Joyce
Gail and Bill Kagler
Deepak and Vinita Kamath
Tamara amd Eric Kantor
Ms. Chandrika Kasturi
Catherine and Reuven Katz*
Ms. Beth Kaufman
Mike and Jane Keating
Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Keating
John and Debra Kellington
Miss. Susan J. Kellogg
Ms. Ginger Kelly
Darius and Helen Kemp
Ms. Crystal Kendrick
Mr. William Kent
Mr. William Kentrup
Ms. Kari Kerns
Mr. Patrick Kevin
Ms. Pamela E. Kiessling
Tim and Pam Kimmel
Alecia and Michael Kintner
Ms. Erin Kintz
Tom and Sue Kirkpatrick
Mr. Patrick Klesmith
Mr. Walter Knox, Jr.
Mr. Mark L. Koors
Mr. and Mrs. James Kopcha
Daniel Koppenhafer
Sarah and Walter Koucky
Ms. Dale Kozma
Mr. Jack Kraeutler
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Krausen
Mr. Raghu Krishnamoorthy
Ms. Jule Kucera
Dr. Charles Dean Kurth
Jay and Patty Kurtz
Mr. Yasushi Kyoda
Lawrence H. Kyte, Jr
Susan S. Laffoon
Mr. and Mrs. Polk Laffoon IV
Eileen and Tom Lakin
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Landen
Peter Landgren and Judith Schonbach
Dorette Landis
Ms. Nisrene Langenbrunner
Mr. Eric Lanter
Mr. Paul R. Lechleiter
Steve Leeper and Rae Vuic
Jason and Brandi Lenihan
Ms. Joan Lewis
Phillip Warren Lewis
Dr. Teik C. Lim
Mr. Thomas Lindeman
Mr. and Mrs. David Lindner
Ms. Terry Lindquist
The Linnemann Family Foundation
Dr. Jennifer M. Loggie
Ms. Karen A. Loos
Mr. Joshua Lorentz
Ms. Ellen Love
Anne and Daniel Lovell
Bill and Diana Lower
Lisa Lowe
Joseph R. and Lisa M. Luckey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lueke
Ms. Jean Lydon-Rodgers
Mr. John B. Lynch
Mr. Douglas F. Lyons
Ms. Cynthia A. Lyons
Dennis and Teresa Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Machesney
Mr. Peter Mack
Ms. Karen F. Maier
Carmie and Forrest Maloney
Mr. Shashi Mouli Mandapaty
Mr. Charles Maness
Ms. Charlotte A. Manison
Michele A. Mansfield
Sherie and Len Marek
Ms. Peggy Ann Markstein
Dr. Victor Marrero
Mr. Carlos E. Martinez and Mrs. Mymy Ha
Mr. Karl W. Matson
Ms. Melisse N. May
Kevin and Kristin McAllister
Susan McBeth
Michael P. McCuen
Douglass and Kay McDonald
Powell McHenry
Mr. Bernard L. McKay
W. Rodney and Kathryn K. McMullen
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan McNally
Ms. Susan McPartlin
Ms. Susan M. Meeks
Jim and Tonya Mehring
Barbara and David Meiners
Mrs. Isabel Mendez
Garry and Maria Mercer
Mr. Debra S. Merchant
Ms. Amelia Merrell
David and Michelle Meyer
Jill Meyer Pratt and Awadagin Pratt
Mr. Joseph B. Michael
Kathleen W. and Steven W. Miller
Mr. Robert L. Mills
Dave and Angie Mimms
Mr. Donald Mitchell
Ms. Hatsuki Miyata
Ms. Margaret Moertl
Mr. Murphy Mongeon
Randy and Krista Monnin
William L. Montague and Kelly L. Wittich
Mr. Brian Mooney
William and Mary Moran
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morand
Victoria Morgan
Ms. Nora E. Moushey
Paul and Terri Muething
Mr. Stephen Mullins
Dr. James Mulloy
Mr. Venkat Mullur
Mr. Alex Munoz
Sarah and Christopher Murphy
Mr. Daniel Murton
Mr. Thomas M. Nash
Mr. Karthik Natarajan
Ms. Naomi Nelson
Mr. Thomas Neltner
Ms. Bonnie Newland
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Neyer, Jr.
Mr. Mikio Nishizu
Mr. John L. Noelcke
Ernest and Helen Nordquist
Mr. Richard Oberschmidt and Mrs. Diana Oberschmidt
Ms. Justine O'Brien
Ms. Jo A. Oeters
Robert and Carol Olson
Elizabeth and Stefan Olson
Dr. Santa J. Ono
Susan and Dave Ostreicher
Mr. Kenneth Oswald
Ms. Danielle B. Oxley
Mr. Donald Page
Ms. Katherine L Papp
Daniel and Marcia Pardekooper
Mrs. Jacqueline G. Parker
Ms. Jennifer Parris
Eric and Diana Paternoster
Ellie and Dick Paulsen
Allen and Dawn Paxson
Mr. David A, Pearce
Mr. George B. Pearson, Jr.
Kim and Doug Perry
Ms. Tara Petit
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Kethleen Pfahl
Liane and Dave Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. T. Stephen Phillips
Mr. Gilliam Phipps
Mr. Charles E. Pierce
Mrs. Nancy Pinckney
Mr. John B. Pinney
Mr. William A. Piper, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Polites
Ms. Teresa A. Porter
Mr. Richard L. Postler
David and Jenny Powell
Dr. Kevin Powell
Mr. Michael Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Prescott
Ms. Leigh G. Prop
Mr. John S. Prout
Mr. Matt McFee and Mr. Jared Queen
Ms. Carol Railey
Mr. Sundar Raman and Ms. Ramya Santhanam
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Randolph, Jr.
Ms. Lisa Rauch
John and Kim Ravenhall
Mr. Robert A. Recchiuti
Paul and Susan Reynolds
Mr. Ronald J. Rheude
Patricia Pease Rice
Gareth and Fiona Richards
Mrs. Melody Sawyer Richardson
Jeff nad Missy Richardson
Ms. Linda A. Richey
Mr. Matthew Riley
Mr. Manuel Z. Rios
Ms. Roberta Riser-Jennings
Robert Buechner Foundation
Ms. Cynthia S. Robertson
Mr. J. Scott Robertson
Blake Robison and Connan Morrissey
Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Rockstroh
Mrs. Kelly T. Roebuck
Mr. Richard J. Rokosz
Mrs. Cheryl Rose
Jeff and Lee Rose
Ms. Eve C. Rosen
Dr. Jan Rosenbaum Sass
Nancy and Edward Rosenthal
Mr. Nick G. Rosian
Julie and Brian Ross
Cathie and Rick Rothfuss
Jason and Tracie Ruebel
Ms. Samantha Rundo
Jack Ryan
Dr. Frederick and Mrs. Susan Ryckman
Ms. Lisa Sammons
Kathy and Mario San Marco
Ann and Harry Santen*
Mr. Nicholas Sargen
Ms. Martha Cutright Sarra
Mr. Carl Satterwhite
Betsy Schaaf
Robert and Dawn Schiff
Mr. Thomas Schiller
Jan C. and Donna Schilling
Ms. Jodi Schmidtgoesling and Mr. Jay Woffington
Russell and Sydney Schnurr
Ms. Pamela J. Schofield
Roger J. and Glenda C. Schorr*
Mr. Gregory Schroeck
Ms. Ann M. Schwister and Dr. Juan C. Santamarina
Ms. Judy A. Scott
Mary Warner Scott
Mr. Kenneth Seitzer
Jean and Scott Senecal
Mark and Jane Serrianne
Bob and Kirsten Shaffer
Mr. Jason Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Brent and Valerie Sheppard
Karen Showell
Jerry and Betsy Shroat
Mrs. Carol Sigman
Ms. Ritu Singh
Piyush and Sangeeta Singh
Ms. Lydia Sites
Mr. Yannis Skoufalos
Ms. Sandra J. Slusarczyk
Ms. Phyllis D. Slusher
Smale Family Fund*
Hugh and Becky Smart
Gates and Kathy Smith
Mr. James C. Smith
Mr. Dwight T. Smith
Mrs. Deborah Smith
Ms. Deborah Snellgrove
Mr. Chris Sonneman
Amy and Keith Spiller
Mary Stagaman
Mr. Mitchell Stapley
Mr. John F. Steele, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Stegman
Jeffrey and Lisa Stegman
Sarah and Steve Steinman
Curt and Dawn Stoll
Michael and Amy Stonecipher
Mr. Scott Strazik
Mrs. George Stricker
Dr. Alan R. Stuart
Drs. Roger H. and Cynthia M. Sublett
Mr. Kevin R. Sullivan
Juliana and Carl Swabek
Mr. James Szuch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Tapke
Ms. Victoria A. Tavares
Mr. Robert C. and Anne C. Taylor
David and Marsha Taylor
Mr. Stephen W. Tefft
Nicole Tepe and Matt Wortman
Ms. Rebecca and Mr. Gary Terrell
Mr. Leo Tierney
Dr. Jeffrey Towbin
Mr. Constantine G. Triantafyllos
Mr. Paul Trokhan
Scott and Karen Trosset
Mr. Christopher A. Tschieder
Daman and Barbara Turner
Mr. Gregory M. Utter
Mr. Mark A. Vander Laan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Vanderwoude
Larry and Maureen Vignola
Dr. Alexander A. Vinks
Mr. Michael R. Viox
Ms. Pamela J. Viscione
Mr. Daniel Vogelpohl
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Vollmer
Ms. Jody L. Wainscott
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Walker
V.M. Walker
Andy and Debbie Walter
Mr. Lee Walton
Buzz Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Ward
Yvonne Gray-Washington and Dennis Washington
Andrew and Miki Weatherston
Warren and Pam Weber
Mike and Sue West
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Wharton
Ms. Martha White
Mr. Philip W. Wickler
Mr. Gregory S. Wilder
Mr. Brian R. Wildman
Mr. James Willcox
Ms. Diana Wilen
Mr. Brian Williams
Mr. Gene M. Wilson
Ms. Chantell Wilson-Thomas
Mr. David Withrow
Nancy and David A. Wolf
Lisa and Adam Wolter
Jean E. Wommack*
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Wood
Dr. and Mrs. Frank C. Woodside, III
Mr. Matt Woody
Mr. David Workman
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Wright
Ms. Michelle A. Wright
Mr. Shane M. Wright
Jeffrey and Nadezhda Wuest
David and Suzanne Yarborough
Ms. Barbara Yerdon Booth
Ms. Shirley H. Yoshida and Mr. Thomas W. Anderson
Betsy and Alex C. Young
Nancy and George Yund
Ms. Nancy Zahradnik
Allen and Donna Zaring
The Zaring Family Foundation
Ms. Susan B. Zaunbrecher
Mr. Steven W. Zebrasky
Ms. Hilla M. Zerbst
Kim William and Christine Zerby
Dave and Sylvie Zigan
Ms. Cathy L. Zimmerer
Robert and Rania Zimmerman
Mike Zorn
Mr. Darrick P. Zucco
Joanna and Arnol Zucker

*Gift made through a fund at The Greater Cincinnati Foundation


Legacy and Endowment Gifts

The following individuals, foundations and organizations have made endowment and legacy gifts to or through ArtsWave since 1927. Many legacy gifts are unrestricted; these are added to ArtsWave’s endowment fund. Donor designations for a specific purpose or organization are indicated in parentheses.

Future Endowment, Bequest and Planned Gift Commitments

Anonymous (10 donors)
Henrietta Barlag
    (Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Cincinnati May Festival,
     Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati,
     Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, and Cincinnati Ballet)
The W. J. Baude – M. E. Oshry Fund *
    (For intern scholarships at member arts organizations)
Florence K. Bean
Rosemary H. Bloom
    (To establish the Arts in Bloom Fund for access to the arts)
Lee Ault Carter
Raymond R. and Marylyn Clark
A. Burton Closson, Jr. *
Charlene F. Combs
Anne Levin DeLyons
Caroline S. DeMar
Anne Elkins Didrichsen, in memory of Felix and Weta Mae Elkins
    (Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park)
Joseph H. and Louise Head
Frank T. Hamilton, Jr. Trust
Mary McCullough-Hudson and Greg Hudson
Isabelle F. Hugo
    (Taft Museum of Art)
Susan M. Ingmire
Mrs. Morse Johnson
Willard and Patricia Kissell
Patrick M. Korb
Susan S. Laffoon
Whitney R. and Phillip C. Long 
    (Taft Museum of Art)
Christine Gould Meyer
Marjorie Motch
James W. and Anne Nethercott
Maurice E. Oshry
T. Stephen and Lynn Phillips
Charles Scott Riley III
    (Taft Museum of Art)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Rosenthal
Ruth Rounding
Emalee Schavel
Neal G. Schulte, CPA/CFP
Mark and Jane Serrianne
Elizabeth C.B. and Paul G. Sittenfeld *
Mary Stagaman
Mr. and Mrs. John Steinman
Carol G. Talbot
Morley P. Thompson, Sr.
Sallie Robinson Wadsworth
    (ArtsWave and Taft Museum of Art)
Drs. Barry D. & Karen Britt Walker 
    (To fund arts opportunities for disadvantaged youth)
Paul H. and Jo Ann T. Ward 
    (Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park)
Harris K. and Alice F. Weston

Legacy and Endowment Gifts

The Citizens of Cincinnati, to match the original
    endowment gift of Charles P. and Anna
    Sinton Taft, which established the
    Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts in 1927
Anonymous (Eight donors to ArtsWave)
Anonymous (In honor of the 75th Anniversary of the 
     Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts)
Anonymous (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
Anonymous (Cincinnati Art Museum)
Anonymous (Two donors, Cincinnati Opera)
Anonymous (Three donors, Taft Museum of Art)
Anonymous (Taft Museum of Art, in support of on-going garden expenses)
Elise Eaton Allen Performing Arts Fund *
Estates of Blanche and Rebekah Alter
     (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Taft Museum of Art)
Mrs. Robert J. Amidon
Francis A. Benus
    (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
Alma Betscher and Edna B. Outcalt Memorial Fund
    (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
Estate of Thomas F. Buck
Joseph Burton
Lee Ault Carter *
    (To establish a Fund for ArtsWave at the Greater Cincinnati Foundation)
W. Rowell Chase
Estate of Laura L. Clark
Lucinda Closson Memorial Fund
Stanley and Frances D. Cohen
    (Taft Museum of Art Lecture Series)
Estate of Edwin P. Dundon
Estate of Helen T. Ehlers
    (Taft Museum of Art)
Estate of William Donald Ehlers
Estate of Margaret Embshoff
Edith T. Emerson
Estate of Thomas J. Emery
    (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
Estate of James M. Ewell
Estate of Natalie Feld, in memory of Eleanor Feld
    (Cincinnati Opera and Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts)
Franklin L. Folger Trust
Herbert G. French
Estate of Ruth Friedman
John W. Gantt, Sr.
Elizabeth D. Goldsmith
Estates of Dr. Ralph Good and Ms. Alice M. Good
Emma Freund Gwinner Trusts
Estate of Helen B. Hagner
Joseph B. Hall
Estate of Mary Hanna
    (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
Martin Hemsworth Estate
John Z. Herschede
John L. Holden
Estate of Mr. & Mrs. Louis John Johnen
Estate of Edmund L. Jones
Estate of Bertrand B. Kahn  
    (To fund college scholarships)
Cathryn Keck  
    (Cincinnati Art Museum and Taft Museum of Art)
Estate of Dolores Lucille Keppler
Mrs. Harold J. Kersten
Dorothy M. M. Kersten Trust, U.S. Bank Trustee  
    (Arts Services Office and ArtsWave Annual Campaign)
Mr. & Mrs. William McD. Kite, in memory of Mrs. Lucien Wulsin
    (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Kittredge
Estate of Jacqueline Klein  
    (Taft Museum of Art)
Estate of Rosalie Kramer
     (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
Estate of Marjorie F. Krantz
Estate of Margaret A. Kunz
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Kyte  
    (Cincinnati Opera)
Estate of Betty P. Leach
    (Taft Museum of Art)
Ms. Frances R. Luther, in memory of Howard B. Luther
Estate of Edgar J. Mack, Jr.
John L. & Ray Marie Streng Markstein
Estate of George Melber
Estate of Mildred Meloy
Estate of Walter H. Meyer
Estate of Birdie S. Neuffer
Estate of Louis H. Nippert
    (Taft Museum of Art)
Estate of Rosalie Phillips
    (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
Estates of Marion and Dorothy Rawson  
    (Cincinnati Art Museum and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
George Rieveschl Foundation
Estate of Charles Scott Riley III
    (Taft Museum of Art)
Estate of Margaret Raff Robinson
    (ArtsWave and Taft Museum of Art)
Estate of Rosa F. & Samuel B. Sachs  
    (To establish the Sachs Award for Artistic Excellence)
Estate of Irene Saxton
Estate of Harry J. Schaleman  
    (Arts Services Office)
Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trust, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee  
    (To match an NEA grant for children's education programs)
Estate of Helen D. Schroeder
Estate of Mary Louise Schroth
Estate of Eugene P. Searfoss
Louise Taft Semple Foundation, in memory of Louise Taft Semple
    (Directorship of Taft Museum of Art)
Estate of Marjorie Senior
Estate of John K. Sherman
Estate of Joan Stark
Estate of Joseph L. Steiner
Estate of S. Charles and Sue B. Straus
Estate of Anna Sinton Taft  
    (To transform the Baum-Longworth-Taft House into the Taft Museum of Art)
Estate of Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Taft
    (To establish the Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts and the Taft Museum of Art
     and to support the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
Rosalyn Taft Gift
Estate of Morley P. Thompson
Estate of Charlotte S. Toewater
Estate of Patricia A. Torok
Estate of Betty V. Tuttle
Albert W. Vontz, Jr.
Estate of Marie Watts
Estate of Charlotte Froendhoff Whitmore
Estate of Lucile W. Weibel
    (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
Estate of Ruth C. Wilkerson
Estate of Elinor M. Winchester
Estate of Dorothy C. Woodruff
Richard P. Windisch and Margaret Van Goeben
    (Cincinnati May Festival)
Eugene Wulsin

Endowment Gifts from Foundations and Other Entities

The William P. Anderson Foundation
Commonwealth Hotels, Inc.—The Metropolitan Club of Covington, Kentucky
    (For Associate Members Endowment Fund)
H.G., H.F. and L.T. Dornette Foundation,
     Fifth Third Bank and Stan Koller, Co-Trustees 
     (For Associate Members Endowment Fund)
The Thomas J. Emery Memorial
The Ford Foundation (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra)
LKC Foundation/Mrs. Charles O. Carothers
    (In honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts)
E. W., H. B. and F. R. Luther Charitable Foundation
    (To establish the Associate Members Endowment Fund)
National Endowment for the Arts (For children's education programs)
The L&L Nippert Charitable Foundation
    (In honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts)
The Daniel and Susan Pfau Foundation
    (For the Associate Members Endowment Fund)
Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, PNC Bank, Trustee
Robert C. Schiff Fund
Eleanor and Charlie Taft Fund
Elsie H. Warrington, Suzanne M. Warrington and the Warrington Family Foundation,
    in memory of John T. Warrington (Taft Museum of Art Exhibition Endowment)

*Through a fund at the Greater Cincinnati Foundation