ArtsWave Surprises

We love the way art that shows up in an unexpected place can engage people from all over. 

Pones Inc dancing on a busAt the beginning of our annual community campaign for the arts, we promised some surprises. The first was our new digital game, iSpyArt - a new outlet for people to share the art that surprises us and surrounds us.

We are enjoying all the places people are finding art and sharing their photos with the game. Laura Baverman, a reporter with the Cincinnati Enquirer, wrote an article on inspiring ideas and new games she was introduced to at South by Southwest, and she gave us a sweet shout out for iSpyArt!

Last week we sponsored a surprise for people on TANK and Metro buses during rush hour. Shortly after the buses took off from the bus stop, dancers from Pones Inc. danced in the aisles to the music of Beastie Boys and John Lennon. One rider videotaped the event and shared it online. Another rider said, "I wish everyone could see this!" We do too.

During February's Final Friday, we collaborated with Pones Inc. again for surprise dancing in store fronts on Vine Street. As people walked by, they discovered some unexpected dancing  -- and some joined in! Watch this great video CityBeat made about the surprise art event -- and make sure you watch all the way to the end!

The community campaign ends April 27, so there is still plenty of time for more surprise art -- keep your eyes open!