Splash Dance Contributes to the Best of Cincinnati

City Beat editors just announced the Best of Cincinnati 2010. We're thrilled that Splash Dance received TWO mentions: 'Out and About' and 'Best New Thing'.

Readers nominated and voted for Splash Dance as one of the city's best "new things" in a category that editor John Fox described as filled with a very diverse set of nominations "from retail businesses and restaurants to events and organizations to people and social issues." Fox decided to write a short article about the top vote getters in the category as a response to what he calls the "Know Nothings": People who "who like to tell you (and the world) how Cincinnati is a boring city and there’s nothing to do here and all the old places are stupid and nothing new ever happens. They stubbornly cling to the notion that new things here can’t be exceptional because Cincinnati is incapable of being exceptional."

In the "Out and About" category, CityBeat staff named Splash Dance "best arts promo".

You can see Splash Dance's mentions here and here, along with the other winners of City Beat's Best of Cincinnati 2010.

As City Beat noted, all who participated and watched the Splash Dance loved it and had a great time. Thanks to everyone involved, CityBeat voters and staff!