August 2010

Young Artists at Paddlefest 2010

Guest blogger Traci Mans, Program Manager – Strategic Initiatives, went to Paddlefest 2010

Imagine eating lunch under the belly of a giant transparent spider; thoughtfully chewing while being serenaded with the random melodies of a vibraphone, your space illuminated with a plastic bottle chandelier. This is the exciting scene people from all over shared when they went to Coney Island for Paddlefest on June 24th.

Help Create the Design for Street Painting

Oh boy, this is so not ordinary. Get ready to join us. Hundreds of people are getting together to make our community even more amazing.  

Last fall, people from all over came together on Fountain Square to celebrate our city through the power of collective creativity. Cincinnati's first-ever Splash Dance became an Internet hit, getting over 50,000 views.

This year, our second annual "Ta Da" celebration is just as amazing and fun and for everyone.

Sharing Ideas for Street Painting

Blog post by Liz Glaser, a Creative Team Intern and Xavier student